Snow and ice structures at Ranua Wildlife Park

During the winter, snow and ice structures are built at Ranua Wildlife Park. If weathers permit, they provide you with a memorable extra experience, in addition to getting to know the arctic animals.

Snow and ice structures are a natural part of the arctic wildlife park. In the winter , the front grounds of the Ranua Wildlife Park are dominated by an icy archway, 5 metres in height and 10 metres in length. Inside the archway there are ice sculptures and a throne, in which you can have a picture taken. To give consideration to children's winter activities, the sculptures and snow structures are placed in the front grounds of the park.

Mauri Markkanen, ice artist, builds the structures and ice sculptures. The ice used for the ice sculptures has been taken from the Lake Ranuanjärvi. The ice hut doors are open during the park opening hours, that is, everyday between 10.00 - 16.00.