Winter in the Wildlife Park

Winter at Ranua Wildlife Park

Ranua Wildlife Park is open every day of the year, also during the winter. Traditionally, wildlife parks are considered to be good places to visit during the summer, but in Ranua, you can observe animal activities also in the winter. In the winter, Ranua Wildlife Park also invests in building ice and snow structures. The wintery wildlife park is a different experience, and the number of winter tourists has indeed increased notably during the past years.
Even though a few of the animals hibernate, most of the animals are extremely active and at their finest during the winter. With the pure snow as their background, the animals in their large pens are easy to spot.


Wintertime is reproduction time

For many of the animals, the winter is reproduction time. Bears, polar bears, and wolverines give birth to their offspring in the midst of the coldest winter. The late winter, on the other hand, is mating season for many animals. Animals become active and loud: grey wolves howl, lynxes roar, foxes bark, and owls hoot in the night.


Brown bears awaken already in March

Brown bears awaken from hibernation at the end of March. If a female brown bear has cubs, the mother and its cubs do not come out of the den until at the turn of April and May. The Christmas season and New Year's time are high season at Ranua Wildlife Park. The snowy nature is often at its finest during Christmas. Between Christmas and Twelfth Day, the wildlife park offers reindeer sled rides and snowmobile rides in the park yard.


Arctic lesson

Modern-day people living in arctic areas avoid the ruthless cold of the winter by stepping inside warm facilities, but animals must endure outside at the mercy of all weathers. Windy, frosty weather is a tough ordeal to the body, and it is necessary to prepare for the frosty weather in many ways, for example, by eating more and growing a multi-layered winter fur. At Ranua Wildlife Park, you can see all this with your own eyes, as the large pens provide the animals with authentic conditions also during the winter. The park grounds have been kept natural, so you can see the power and spell of the arctic nature at its finest. The snowy forest with animals is a fairy tale experience.