Ranua Wildlife Park, Lapland's leading tourist attraction for families

Ranua Wildlife Park offers tourists and nearby inhabitants the opportunity to observe arctic animals throughout the year, in an as authentic environment for the animals as possible. Ranua Wildlife Park is open every day of the year, and the changing seasons do bring their own additional dimension to the life in the park.

With its safari services, Ranua Wildlife Park is a service centre providing a wide variety of high-quality other services for the whole family.

The park animals consist of approximately 50 wild animal species and 200 individuals. In the summer, there is also a domestic animal park in the park grounds. Ranua Wildlife Park is Lapland's leading tourist attraction for families.

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Take a picture of yourself with the polar bear family on a melting ice float! 5/8/2015
The Ranua Wildlife Park, like many other organizations, is concerned of the global warming and its environmental consequences, being furthermore and especially concerned of its effect on the nature in arctic regions. The Wildlife Park considers as one of its highly important duties to inform visitors/people as to what is happening and how each individual can affect the global warming, diminishing its environmental consequences.